Treasure Division

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Adventurers make most of their income from treasure they acquire during their adventures. When not all the treasure divides neatly the question of treasure division comes up.

Most art objects are valued with a coin value, the actual amount a character can sell the item for in Raven’s Bluff (other areas may pay 5-25% less depending on how scrupulous the merchants are). The attached coin values makes it easy to divide up treasure of both coin and art values.

Non-Monetary Items
Some characters simply pick up items because they want them (enemy spears, glowing fungus, and so on). In general these items aren’t considered part of the treasure split. An exception to this might be a mundane item of high value (a ship, full plate armor, and so on. In those cases the value of the item if sold and not the cost to purchase it should be used).

The party elected to do even treasure distribution for monetary and common sense/cooperative for magic item division which may or may not work out well in the long run but seems okay for now. Because item distribution isn’t perfectly balanced I changed the DM treasure system slightly as listed on the Co-DMs page.

Treasure Division

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