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We’ve decided on a 13th level party. We are using primarily material from the Pathfinder PRD with a few custom rules. Classes outside the core book are okay. No flaws allowed, and no automatic traits (can be taken by using the additional traits feat if desired). Starting money is 15,000 GP. The trait wealthy parents will get 1,000 GP extra as will the Nobility feat.

Altered Feats

Altered Classes

Altered Magic

The standard point methods make it very difficult to make an effective ranger, druid, or paladin which I think should be viable options so I’d prefer to give 30 points on a variant of the PRD system. (A character could start with 14 in every attribute before racial and level modifier.)

30 Points Attribute Buy

Score Points
8 –2
9 –1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 9
17 12
18 15

Hit points will be maximum for class and level.

Skills will be normal for Pathfinder.

Most things on the Pathfinder PRD will be available in general but should be discussed, we won’t be using action/hero points and the traits must be taken from feats. No alternate class/race features.

Replacement Characters will get the standard 30 points to buy attributes, but begin at 11th level with 8,500 GP in gear. (10th level with 6,500 GP for a third, and 9th with 5,000 GP in gear for any after a third).

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