Raven's Bluff

Adventure 14: Where the Trolls Are

Trolls have the home field advantage

Characters seem to have entered the center of the troll area and left off in a battle with the trolls. The party is split with some members bloodied or close to it and many opponents remaining. Being in a wild magic area there is additional risk while using magic, but some members may still be able to escape via the small tunnel the party entered through.Andrew back but without gear. They returned to town for money and gear then went back with some money to deal with the wizard at the tower.

They managed to clear level one and started into level 2, but pulled back to the elven area for rest before finishing level 2.


Andrew (Levels at the end of next session)
Bill (Leveled this session, levels again after session 19)
Diego (Levels after session 17)
Erik (Levels at the end of next session)
Matt (Leveled thief at end of this session, again after session 19, Levels wizard next session)
Gary (Levels after session 18)

Discovered Potions from last session were diminution (8 left)
Sword of Sharpness
4 gems worth 10 gp
1 gem woth 100 gp
120 CP
100 SP
14 EP
2 silk pillows
2 silk sheets
20 cloaks
crystal chalice
crystal chest
cherry table
(2 Burbus in crystal chest)

DM character levels after next session, would get 2 potions of Diminution, Would not get a permanent item yet but would be able to include a sword of sharpness in the choices when the party has enough items.



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