Golden Cradle Campaign

Prelude to War

Scouting the Hobgoblin Forces

The team has learned a number of Hobgoblins along with goblins, bugbears, and worgs have allied with the cult of the dragon and successfully summoned/allied with an aspect of Tiamat as well as several devils and undead in preparation for some massive invasion. So far the target of the invasion as well as the location of the forces set to attack have remained elusive.

The next session will begin with the Adventurers gathered at the Ashthorn Manor in Daerlun where they will be met by agents of the Harpers, Explorers, Ravens, and Sigil. Concern over the recent discovery has spread among the various protective agencies who desire more information on the forces and their target. Sembian and Cormyran forces are also concerned and while using their own scouts would appreciate information characters recover. Soldiers will be pulled back to defend major cities until the target can be identified more clearly, and the leaders are confident it is not a diversion.


The party went back to Daerlun and in addition to the agents:

Mellori Corvus, an elf from the Ravens

Fidel Cingulus, a half-elf from the Explorers

Ember Vadum, a human from the Harpers

Soren Nephium, a Fire Genasi from Sigil

As the group went through the introductions Elminster and a lamasu representing Nobanion made an appearance.

Prelude to War

The team went to the village and attempted to defend it from the Hobgoblin army which turned out to be 800 hobgoblins, 600 goblins, 100 worgs, 6 hill giant, 200 bugbears, 35 ogres, 8 chimera, 4 wyvern, 1 sphynx, and 1 adult red dragon.

4,000 XP

Prelude to War

At the meeting the groups proposed sending the players out for scouting and interruption.

The party was offered a basic open deal for item/service/spell requests.

The Monk got a tattoo worth 144,000 while most others were going for the 25,000 gp in mixed items and materials.

Prelude to War

Ricardo crafted a Holy +1 Longbow for Kaylin and imbued Maglubiyet’s Bane with similar properties for the upcoming battles. He gave Tansef a Quiver of Abundant Ammunition and Brom a Scroll of Teleport. He also bought potions of Cure Light Wounds for every party member (12 in all). Kaylin added Arrows of Goblin Bane, Giant Bane and Magical Beast Bane to the parties collection of magical arrows. Ricardo crafted 50 Goblin Bane Arrows and Tuck crafted 50 Goblin Bane Bolts for distribution. Ricardo purchased a Ring of Sustenance, Boots of Expeditious Retreat and a Folding Boat as well.

Prelude to War

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