Golden Cradle Campaign

Out of the Pit

Session 4

The party battled the Goblins and rats, managing to recover Manchira. The goblins retreated into the underdark burning the bridge behind them and taking their treasure, but leaving the prisoners. In the fighting Dalth was knocked unconscious.

Working their way back to the surface the party encountered a gelatinous cube and after some infighting that resulted in Zohr being trapped into the cube the party defeated it. Dalth was left for dead after the fight with the Cube and the rest of the party returned to the surface.

After getting the award for the rescue Manchira left the party although a Goliath Fighter named Lo-Kath wanted to join. A rumor that a keep was up for grabs if the monsters could be cleared from it sent most of the party towards Battlerise village while Ricardo rode to Wheloon to confirm the rumor.

Halfway to Monk’s Blade the party was ambushed by a dozen orcs, but made quick work of them and continued on. On the night of the second day they pulled into Battlerise and stabled the animals before looking for a shelter to use as a base/resting place.

Choosing the Southside Tavern they went to investigate and were greeted by several undead . . .

Session Award 1500 XP



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