Golden Cradle Campaign

Session 2
Into the towers

The party reached the towers and camped preparing to enter the next morning.

Session One
Setting Sail

The Party will begin at the office of The Golden Dragon Company in Raven’s Bluff. Count Valenka Ruskin is representing the head of the Vassar Family. He is asking that the group go to the wizard island in The Sea of Fallen Stars.

Once there they will be asked to explore the ruins of an ancient wizard’s tower and attempt to recover the heir of the Vassar family who had chosen to explore the ruins a month earlier. Attempts to use magic to recover the heir have failed, so it assumed the tower is protected from magical interference.

The Vassar family is quite influential and being in good standing with them is important to the other noble families as well as most who do business in and around The Sea of Fallen Stars. The current head of the family is quickly approaching a point where magic can no longer sustain them and they desire to pass the title to the proper heir.

It is Mid-March and the group began assembling extra provisions for the crew left behind at the ship on the island. The heir of Vassar went into the towers three months ago. The expedition that went into the tower was made up of the noble, a wizard, a cleric, a rogue, and three fighters.

Prelude to War
Scouting the Hobgoblin Forces

The team has learned a number of Hobgoblins along with goblins, bugbears, and worgs have allied with the cult of the dragon and successfully summoned/allied with an aspect of Tiamat as well as several devils and undead in preparation for some massive invasion. So far the target of the invasion as well as the location of the forces set to attack have remained elusive.

The next session will begin with the Adventurers gathered at the Ashthorn Manor in Daerlun where they will be met by agents of the Harpers, Explorers, Ravens, and Sigil. Concern over the recent discovery has spread among the various protective agencies who desire more information on the forces and their target. Sembian and Cormyran forces are also concerned and while using their own scouts would appreciate information characters recover. Soldiers will be pulled back to defend major cities until the target can be identified more clearly, and the leaders are confident it is not a diversion.

Taking the Keep

The party went to Daerlun to make magic items and returned better equipped for an assault on the Keep. Lizard Men manned the defenses of the castle complicating the advance.

2,000 XP

Out of the Pit
Session 4

The party battled the Goblins and rats, managing to recover Manchira. The goblins retreated into the underdark burning the bridge behind them and taking their treasure, but leaving the prisoners. In the fighting Dalth was knocked unconscious.

Working their way back to the surface the party encountered a gelatinous cube and after some infighting that resulted in Zohr being trapped into the cube the party defeated it. Dalth was left for dead after the fight with the Cube and the rest of the party returned to the surface.

After getting the award for the rescue Manchira left the party although a Goliath Fighter named Lo-Kath wanted to join. A rumor that a keep was up for grabs if the monsters could be cleared from it sent most of the party towards Battlerise village while Ricardo rode to Wheloon to confirm the rumor.

Halfway to Monk’s Blade the party was ambushed by a dozen orcs, but made quick work of them and continued on. On the night of the second day they pulled into Battlerise and stabled the animals before looking for a shelter to use as a base/resting place.

Choosing the Southside Tavern they went to investigate and were greeted by several undead . . .

Session Award 1500 XP

Return to the Ruins
Session 3

The party battled the Otyugh and found the ranger’s body before returning to the surface.

They sent the Mage (Math) back to town with the rangers body and returned to the dungeon where they fought more Kobolds and made their way up to the Goblin barricade and fought with Goblins.

Manchira charged into the goblin chambers summoning Dire Rats on a magic whistle before falling . . .

Session Award 1500 XP

Into the ruins
Session 2

All the part members got together near the entrance to the dungeon. After working on a wall with a pick for a while, battling rats, and even kobolds they discovered a fountain with a dose of potion of Fire Breath and managed to get gassed.

We left off with the group getting ready to enter a room where it appeared a member of the former party died.


Vert – Gnome Trapsmith
Rick – Human Ranger w/ sunrod light source on shield
Dalth – Halfling Soothsayer (Sneak Attacker)
Kaylin – Elven Explorer
Zhor – Gnome Sorcerer w/ light spell on rock
Danny – Human Fighter (Party Leader/Knight of Cormyr)
Kinasi – Human Cleric
Math – Human Wizard w/ eternal flame staff light source
Manchia – Half-Elf Fighter
Thornflinger – Elf Ranger

New Ventures

The group is arriving in Dreamer’s Rock in midwinter, a few weeks before the 1374 new year celebration.

Kerowyn Hucrele is the most prominant merchant in town and is looking for a group of adventurers to find her children who went off with an adveturing group to explore the Sunken Citadel a ruin outside of town.

Her offer is 1500 GP each for the return of her two children, or half that for the return of their signet rings and an explanation of how they met their demise.


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