Golden Cradle Campaign

Tower Search
Session 5

The group spent some time observing the surroundings trying to decide where would be the best place to go next. The castle at the center of town had specters and wraiths visible moving about.

A Balor was spotted out in the temple district. A Glabrezu with 5 Vrock was spotted in the swamp area. Four skeletal Ettin, five skeletal orcs, and seven skeletal goblins were spotted on the street near the castle. Last a lich was spotted moving between two towers in the northeast portion of the ruins.

The party decided to go after the lich and made preparations and then teleported to the top of the tower the lich was seen entering. There were eight zombies (human) on the top of the tower, but the group was protected by hide from undead and just walked past them. Inside the tower the halls were large, but maze like with several dead end passages. The party managed to pass by skeletal dinosaurs unnoticed and later past some skeletal dragons. They were spotted by ghasts but managed to trap them in a room and make their way downstairs.

On the next level down the characters battled two Bodaks and 9 specters before returning to the first level they entered where they faced a wraith and the four dragon skeletons before teleporting back to the “safety” of their own tower.

Awards: 15,000 XP

Rebooting pt 2
Session 4

Characters traveled to Necropolis and talked with The Vulgar Unicorn Company. Leaving their boat on the shore away from Necropolis they rode across on one of the VUC’s rafts. The VUC was excavating an area in search of a specific artifact and allowed the group to use a tower in the area to survey the ruins.

The party spotted a number of skeletal patrols, including one getting taken out by a band of six lower level adventurers. They decided to convert the tower they were in to a stronghold and sent Zeus back to town for the components to cast Hallow on the tower. While he was gone Vince put up and Iron Door and replaced the missing staircase using a wall of stone spell. As he finished a group of Shadows came up from the ground, but the party destroyed one and drove the others away.

Once the Hallow was in place and several more walls of stone were used to fortify the tower and create a domed top as well as replacing the missing floors the party was ready to explore. Two fresh zombies approached and the party recognized them as part of the low level party they had seen earlier, so killed them to examine their condition.

One was a human fighter stripped of his gear while the other was a rogue missing only thieve’s tools and his longsword. Both had been around Fallcrest about 4 months.

Once they had all their spells at the ready the party went to explore the area the other party had been fighting. They met five more zombies; the rest of the low level party and a mid-level fighter who had been missing about a month. Taking the bodies back the party decided they wanted to burn them.

Among the Belongings were:
Ring of Shielding
Boots of the Winterlands
5 chain shirt
5 revolvers
20 standard bullets
10 longswords
2 Hemp Rope
3 backpack
4 belt pouch
2 sack
5 scroll case
14 empty flask
1 bedroll
2 winter blanket
2 flint and steel
4 candles
14 torches
4 flasks of oil
3 days trail rations
5 fishhook
5 waterskins
7 lbs soap
4 small steel mirror
3 sewing needle
1 whetstone
5 signal whistle
4 pieces chalk
8 Dagger

10 Gems
5 Tigereye @ 5gp ea
4 Chalcedony @ 10gp ea
1 Zircon @ 50gp ea

885 Coins
pp: 31
gp: 154
sp: 100
cp: 600

The characters were deciding if they wanted to investigate that area further or move on and examine the large castle-like structure at the center of town or the grand cathedral on the far side of town where it was rumored most of the big discoveries had been made lately.

Session Award: 10,000 XP

Divergent Paths
A Party Divided

Alyssia’s Path

Alyssia, having witnessed the scuffle outside the Rancid Vulture, pulled back into the shadows to avoid entanglement in the conflict. A large half-orc woman named Hew was looking to escape her employment as a thug and offered to team up with Alyssia on her journey to Zor.

The odd pair took a raft downstream to the large trade town of Tuoni. Once there, they went to the Four Winds Trade Tower to pay or work passage on a windship bound for Zor. It turned out the husband of one of Alyssia’s friends (who she was headed to Zor to visit) was working as a hired mage on a windship traveling from Auroch to Zor. The windship captain hired the girls on as extra security staff for the trip.

A skilled windship pilot named Scorch was steering the ship and the girls were on watch a couple of hours before dawn when the wyvern attack came. Lorenzo and at least half the crew were inside the magical door of a magnificent mansion when the attack came. The wyvern were so stealthy that the first warning was the cries from a crewman in the crow’s nest as he was being torn apart and eaten.

Alyssia fired her rifle twice into the foul beast sending it crashing onto the deck. Two more snatched rigging men from either side of the deck, while a fourth landed on the bow. Hew disemboweled the wyvern on the prow of the ship and it flew a short distance before plummeting. A fifth beast went for the wheelman’s aid, clawing his leather breast plate. Scorch blinded it with a beam of scorching light, the crewman stabbed it with his short sword, and Alyssia fired a shot into it from her rifle. Lorenzo emerged from the door and the captain and crew were spewed onto the deck. Lorenzo finished the wyvern off with a volley of magic missiles.

The surviving crew harvested what they could from the two wyverns on deck, discarding the rest into the Zorian Sea. When the ship docked at the Four Winds Jetty, the captain sold off the wyvern poison and split the profits with the crew. Each made a 200 gp bonus for the trip.

Lorenzo paid a coach and the four rode to his shop/residence. They discussed more profitable ventures than crewing a windship. In the end it sounded as if they had decided on exploring the ruins of Necropolis. Many adventurers had made their fortune retrieving treasures of the ancient kingdom. Many more had never returned…

Session Rewards~

Each player received 4,000 xp and 200 gp

Session 2

Session started with characters ignoring the ogres, but after heading for bed Rozzo slipped in killing one member in his sleep and then another for interfering while the cleric teleported away.

Moved to the Reboot~

One Horse Town
Session 1

The characters had all finished training in Surma and were headed south to Tuoni on foot as the train runs northwest from Surma.

Stopping Tuonilla after dark a few characters went to the inn and got rooms and then headed out looking for food and drink. Cecil set up his food cart between the two bars while Matt’s character went to The Hog’s Head for a drink and Dani went to The Rancid Vulture. After trading quips with the orcs Dani went out and the orcs followed to start a fist fight. Dani avoided their blows and left the fight, but when an orc insulted him he pulled his gun and shot the orc. The other orcs fired back and then retreated into the Rancid Vulture. Dani went back and traded quips with the bartender before heading back out to the street.

Some guards took the injured orc to the barracks before coming back out to eat at the food cart. Leaving off the characters could see 4 ogres walking into the edge of town.

Experience (1/4 session @ Rocky): 2,000 XP

New Heroes
Episode 0 - Party Time

Starting a new group will require people to make characters which consumes some extra time. Rather than trying to make the characters have a shared history they will all be working for the Moonstars and be assigned together.

As a general rule players will receive a brief about the mission then sent to a nearby portal (nearby will vary by location). Once the objective is achieved the team can teleport back home.


Leaves of Learning

Session 2
Into the towers

The party reached the towers and camped preparing to enter the next morning.

Session One
Setting Sail

The Party will begin at the office of The Golden Dragon Company in Raven’s Bluff. Count Valenka Ruskin is representing the head of the Vassar Family. He is asking that the group go to the wizard island in The Sea of Fallen Stars.

Once there they will be asked to explore the ruins of an ancient wizard’s tower and attempt to recover the heir of the Vassar family who had chosen to explore the ruins a month earlier. Attempts to use magic to recover the heir have failed, so it assumed the tower is protected from magical interference.

The Vassar family is quite influential and being in good standing with them is important to the other noble families as well as most who do business in and around The Sea of Fallen Stars. The current head of the family is quickly approaching a point where magic can no longer sustain them and they desire to pass the title to the proper heir.

It is Mid-March and the group began assembling extra provisions for the crew left behind at the ship on the island. The heir of Vassar went into the towers three months ago. The expedition that went into the tower was made up of the noble, a wizard, a cleric, a rogue, and three fighters.

Prelude to War
Scouting the Hobgoblin Forces

The team has learned a number of Hobgoblins along with goblins, bugbears, and worgs have allied with the cult of the dragon and successfully summoned/allied with an aspect of Tiamat as well as several devils and undead in preparation for some massive invasion. So far the target of the invasion as well as the location of the forces set to attack have remained elusive.

The next session will begin with the Adventurers gathered at the Ashthorn Manor in Daerlun where they will be met by agents of the Harpers, Explorers, Ravens, and Sigil. Concern over the recent discovery has spread among the various protective agencies who desire more information on the forces and their target. Sembian and Cormyran forces are also concerned and while using their own scouts would appreciate information characters recover. Soldiers will be pulled back to defend major cities until the target can be identified more clearly, and the leaders are confident it is not a diversion.

Taking the Keep

The party went to Daerlun to make magic items and returned better equipped for an assault on the Keep. Lizard Men manned the defenses of the castle complicating the advance.

2,000 XP


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