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There are many businesses in Raven’s Bluff. This is a simple guide for characters to identify places they may wish to do business. Rather than worry about all the specific neighborhoods the areas are divided into three sections based on ease of moving between them. The South is the dominant area with about 60% of the land mass and 80% of the dock and trade road access. It is also where the Screaming Mime is located and is considered the home territory of the characters. The North is relatively easy to access from the south by bridges and is also a busy trade area. The East is the least accessible requiring taking a ferry or other boat, but sometimes has good business simply because those in the east have just as much trouble getting to the north and south.

If a character wants to find a shop or a craftsman who makes a particular item the DM can roll on the charts below (I suggest only one check per section of the city, for a total of three and the player won’t know the results of an area until they travel there and find the merchant). Perhaps an hour or two when checking only the south, perhaps a few more hours if checking the north, but most of a day will be spent if the search is expanded to the east.

The race of a shop owner will rarely impact business as Raven’s Bluff has a very low racial bias, but it could come up and may even matter to the character even if it doesn’t matter to the shop owner (I’d rather pay more to a fellow dwarf than support some foppish elf).

Race (%)
01-37: Human
38-47: Halfling
48-52: Elf
53-72: Dwarf
73-90: Gnome
91-97: Half-Elf
98-99: Half-Orc
00: Other

The disposition is how the shop owner comes across, often times those not coming across as Friendly or Courteous may not realize their attitude is impacting their business. Since it is part of their personality it is unlikely to change between visits.

Disposition (10)
1: Sour/Gruff
2: Quiet/Reserved
3: Boisterous
4: Pushy/Aggressive
5: Friendly
6-7: Courteous
8: Talkative
9: Suspicious/Distrusting
0: Shifty/Dishonest

For each good or service roll again (if unavailable it could be a back-order meaning a long wait). An item’s availability can be completely different after the next adventure (Roll again for each shop visited), although the owner and their attitudes may be similar (influenced by the characters actions; some may resent the character coming through to check prices and then returning the next day after checking all the other shops in town possibly enough to raise prices a step).

Availability (10)
1: Unavailable
2: Poor Availability (Price is 200% list)
3: Low Availability (Price is 150% list)
4-7: Standard
8: Good Availability (Price is 90% list)
9: Excellent Availability (Price is 75% list)
0: Overflowing Availability (Price if 50% list)

Additional Details should be added such as naming the shop and the owner. If the shopkeeper looks to become a regular NPC fleshing out more details will be helpful as well, but those things can be left until a player takes an interest in the NPC. The DM should keep track of shops and which characters have visited them as well as notes on attitude and purchases in the shop (If a character develops a good or bad reputation with the shopkeeper prices may slide by 1 on the d10 roll – won’t make a difference every time but in the long run it will; this should be used to represent customer loyalty and not be based on reaction rolls).

Regular businesses don’t carry Magic Items, but there are ways to acquire or sell them.

After the first adventure I decide I want to buy silk jacket with a base cost of 80 GP. So I start looking in the south and then expand my search;

The Grey Rose is in the south, run by a boisterous gnome named Etet and at the time of my search he has overflowing supplies of silk and will make that jacket for 40 GP, most likely stop my search.

I then decide I want a fur cloak which normally runs 50 GP.

Heading back to The Grey Rose to check with Etet again I find he has it for the normal 50 GP price and decide to see if I can get a bargain elsewhere (note that Etet knows this is a fair price and could be offended since he already made me a sweet deal on the jacket).

Corsair’s Crown is in the north, run by a courteous human named Wel. My timing is off and Wel can’t provide the cloak regardless of what I pay, so I can go back to Etet or take the ferry over to the east.

Blue Pegasus is in the east, run by another courteous human named Siwy who has had a major run of fur and will make my cloak for 25 GP convincing me shopping around was a good idea.

Some quick sample business names and proprietors


Business Grey Rose Corsair’s Crown Blue Pegasus
Owner Etet Wel Siwy
Race Gnome Human Human
Disposition Boisterous Courteous Courteous
Location South North East


Business Mug to Soup Laughing Elf Barley and Water
Owner Totefaz Agy Ren
Race Gnome Human Half-Elf
Disposition Friendly Pushy Pushy
Location South North East

Household Goods

Business Bottles and Cheese Iron Barn Crossed Barrels
Owner Ona Sipe Rel
Race Dwarf Elf Human
Disposition Talkative Boisterous Suspicious
Location South North East

Tack and Saddle

Business The Burrow Four Knights Prancing Badger
Owner Nonuta Zur Ress
Race Dwarf Dwarf Human
Disposition Quiet Courteous Courteous
Location South North East


Business Fireside Mariner’s Bailey Silver Harp
Owner Tada Lash Nas
Race Human Human Gnome
Disposition Courteous Quiet Friendly
Location South North East

General Wares/Adventuring Gear
Due to the ability to replicate liquids and valuable organic materials by certain mages and priests the prices of some goods have dropped to 1/10 the listed amounts; these include paper (8 cp, 1 sp, or 2 sp), non-spell books (logbook is 6 GP), ink (8 sp), and Greek Fire (1 GP). Spell books still cost 100 GP as they can’t be replicated by magic.

Business Raven’s Bazaar Lord’s Market The Exchange
Owner Oden Tir Afe
Race Half-Orc Dwarf Halfling
Disposition Shifty Boisterous Courteous
Location South North East

Mounts will be adjusted to have 300 lb base for light horses, donkeys, mules, and ponies. 350 lb base for medium horses and camels. 400 lb base for oxen and heavy horses. All can carry twice that load at 1/2 the movement. Medium horses will have a base movement of 18.

Business Cock Square Jester’s Meadow Hog Farms
Owner Setofen Tes Oyett
Race Gnome Dwarf Human
Disposition Courteous Boisterous Friendly
Location South North East


Business Monster’s Axe Warrior’s Arcane Iron Camp
Owner Delt Tigane Renes
Race Half-Orc Elf Human
Disposition Friendly Sour Quiet
Location South North East


Business Hammer and Sickle Silver Blade Spike’s
Owner Enomah Alarur Sor
Race Gnome Halfling Human
Disposition Courteous Boisterous Suspicious
Location South North East

Pawn Shops
A note on pawn shops, they will generally buy gear no questions asked for 10% of the list price, if cleaned up and repaired (mending and cantrip or some elbow grease) they will pay 25% of the list price. They then sell the items at 50% of list cost, when rolling for availability at a pawn shop there is a 1 in 10 chance they have an item at 50% off, but a 9 in 10 chance they don’t have the desired item at all.

Business Golden Coin Dwarve’s Deep Dead Man’s Chest
Owner Tate Dez Renesin
Race Human Half-Elf Gnome
Disposition Boisterous Pushy Pushy
Location South North East

Service Industries
A service industry that results in not available usually means they are booked up and unavailable due to a rush of demand (possibly due to a noble delegation in town, merchant train coming through, or a large group of other adventurers returning flush with coins).

3 cp basic, 4 cp warm with soap

Business Malpus Island The Gayon Alluvial Creek
Owner Seti Cisarete Esa
Race Human Human Human
Disposition Courteous Courteous Talkative
Location South North East

1 cp/load standard

Business Dumahoo The Hartnet Sluice Box
Owner Tott Nie Nenusol
Race Human Human Human
Disposition Boisterous Quiet Pushy
Location South North East

Generally for an hour of time 2 cp substandard, 2 sp usual, 2 gp exceptional

Business The Window Lost Island Scenic Landing
Owner Sett Ozy Tefe
Race Halfling Dwarf Gnome
Disposition Pushy Gruff Courteous
Location South North East

3 gp standard for healing – acts as cure light wounds but takes a day

Business Gorlestone Sea Quill Moon Dog’s
Owner Nin Sal Eyoteyah
Race Human Gnome Gnome
Disposition Quiet Friendly Quiet
Location South North East

A source of exotic spices, herbs, and most spell components.

Business Empire Commerce Morisby Rafiki
Owner Sapush Losash Nefes
Race Dwarf Human Halfling
Disposition Quiet Shifty Courteous
Location South North East


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