Raven's Bluff

Adventure 1: To the Serpent's Eye
A first taste of adventure

The party has gathered in The Screaming Mime, a bar that caters to adventurers. The characters know they are competent, but haven’t proven themselves on an actual quest yet. Even without proven experience the party is accepted by the veteran adventurers who offer them friendly advice, some valuable and some less so.

Over the course of the evening the party attracts the attention of a bard Itinere who is well known among adventurers as a great teller of tales, but also one who instigates the unwise to take risks they might not take otherwise. He is a dark haired man with ruddy skin and a chin that always seems two days overdue for a shave without ever forming a beard. He is a jovial sort who truly enjoys adventuring tales and smokes a pipe carved from a shark bone.

Itinere tells them that “While it is a long trek for a first adventure there is a place in the dwarven vales called the Eye of the Serpent where a wealthy clan of gem miners were wiped out and their treasure never recovered. It is not an easy quest, in fact the famous ranger Salutem and his elven companion Sagittandi vanished on that very quest some 40 years ago and the great bard Viatori Patuit followed their trail ten years later and also never returned, but if you were to succeed it would certainly earn you free drinks for the next week with such tails, I’ll buy the first round upon your return.”

It would take about a week on foot to travel to the valley and while horses might make the first part of the journey easily the mountain cliffs are very steep.


Andrew – Human Fighter (Levels to 2, will go up to 3 in 2 more sessions)
Bill – Dwarven Fighter/Cleric
Diego – Dwarven Fighter/Cleric
Erik – Elven Thief/Mage
Jen – Elven Fighter/Thief
Matt – Elven Thief/Mage

Some treasure was found, but the group hasn’t returned from the adventure yet.

Along the way they defeated 7 orcs, a Vilstrak, and a Snow Lion. Bill’s Dwarf was scarred by a spear wound to the chest from and orc warrior.

At the end of the session the party was camping in the first valley on the downward slope of the mountain opposite of the way they climbed up. There is a herd of musk oxen in the valley and a mated pair of Roc up above.

Adventure 2: Continuing the Serpent's Eye
Down the mountain . . .

The party scaled Hardship Mountain and found a Roc’s nest instead of a fortune, but they also found clues suggesting the fortune did exist, one an island that looks like a serpent’s eye in a nearby valley and the other a structure about halfway down the mountain.

The group set out to make their way towards the potential treasure hoard.



Treasure and Notes:
The party collected more treasure, but have yet to reach an area to divide treasure. They have camped and taken up temporary residence in the old dwarven mines.

Adventure 3: Still in search of Serpent's Eye
Exploring the Dwarven Mines

The group descended into the fertile valley and camped smoking and preparing meat and leather after fighting an undead version of the ranger (who they buried in the fertile valley) and a hatchling Remoraz. The characters also adopted three hunting dogs they took from a hobgoblin.

Finding the Dwarven Mines the party began trying to clear a path through the old cave ins and fought off goblins invading the area. The party is currently 1 month into summer and there has been discussion about turning back and regrouping for a second expedition. (Seasons are even so 3 months summer, 3 months fall, 3 months winter, and 3 months spring).

The party cleared the mines of a stone serpent, goblins, and a grey ooze and stayed an extra week to excavate some garnets from the old dwarven mine. On the way down the mountain they encountered an ogre, troglodites, and some wildcats. Pressing on to the island they were set upon by a mad priest and a giant constrictor snake. Trying to camp for the night they were ambushed by a necrophius and several undead serpents. Moving out to the plains they were able to rest some before being attacked by a set of Druergar.

Badly beaten the party made it down off the mountain and headed for civilization. After a brief encounter with some goblins they made it to Sarbreenar where preparations were under way for King’s Festival, a significant fair in the area celebrating the old dwarven king Halav. A bath, a nice meal, and a good night’s sleep was welcomed by all.

The next morning they found the priest Aralic had been kidnapped by orcs, the church was burned and his acolytes, a dwarf named Damund and a human named Kavor, had been killed. The party set out for the orc lair and made quick work of the orcs within managing to rescue Aralic. Aralic warned of a greater danger below the orc lair and Gabby and Hana stayed to guard the Priest while the others descended into the depths . . .


Andrew (Levels up to level 3, becomes 4 in 3 more sessions)
Bill (levels up to 2/2, becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions)
Diego (Levels up to 2/2, becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions)
Erik (levels up to 2/2, becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions)
Jen (Levels up to 2/2, becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions)
Matt (levels up to 2/2, becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions)

Treasure Notes:
More collected, not yet split.

DM Character: Banion becomes 2/2, will becomes 3/3 in 3 more sessions.

Adventure 4: Under the Orc Lair
Depths of a greater evil

After defeating the orc tribe Hoff, Shawn, Kili, and Lashana headed into the deeper level of the dungeon while Gabby and Hana remained above to watch Aralic and gather treasure. Aralic can tell them he is responsible for the festival in town and needs to finish preparations for it even though the church was burned and his acolytes killed. The King’s festival celebrates an old dwarven king that ruled the area many years ago, before the dwarven empire fell. King Halav was considered a just and kind king and the celebration has persisted even though many don’t remember who it celebrates. Duke Stephan Karameikos, in whom’s dutchy the village of Sarbreenar falls, trusts Aralic to look after his people while the Duke himself resides in Raven’s Bluff tending to political matters. Aralic is certain the Duke will want to hear of the adventurers and plans to send word once the ceremonies are completed.

The party is currently about 5 miles out from Sarbreenar and in a dungeon side-trek interrupting them on their way to Raven’s Bluff to sell off the collection of treasure found on Hard Way Mountain.



Each Person
27 PP
1298 GP
43 EP
527 SP
19 CP
2 Garnets worth 500 GP
1 Quartz worth 10 GP

Individual Items
Matt gets Shortbow+1
Andrew gets Shield+1, Ring of Protection+1
Diego gets Hammer+1 (2 vs giants, 3 vs orc and ogre), Ring of Prot+1
Jennifer gets Elfin Chain+1, Shield+1, Longsword+1
Erik gets Dagger+1, Dagger+1 (2 vs small)
Bill got Warhammer+1 and Ring of Warmth (sold)

DM Character: Banion uses money to buy more spells. Item take is Longsword+1 and Elfin Chainmail+1.

Adventure 5: Elvenblood Pass
Headed Back towards Raven's Bluff

The characters are leaving Sarbreenar after commissioning a house to be built over the old orc dungeon the group made ready to head out through Elvenblood pass to Burrowbluff.

The group defeated a gang of orc bandits on the pass with the help of some dwarves in the area and disabled the orc lair’s defenses. Coming into burrowbluff they entered a fight with the temple of Tymora and a set of elite village combatants. The group decided to hold up and rest in one of the temple chambers before continuing to explore.



Little Monetary, but captured 2 suits dwarf size platemail+1, human platemail+1, shield+1, Hammer+3 Dwarven Thrower, Spear+1, Longsword+1, Shortsword+1 Luckblade, and a Girdle of Stone Giant Strength.

DM Character: Banion takes choice of Luckblade and Girdle of Giant Strength.

Adventure 6: Burrowbluff Temple
Dispatching the cult

After the bloody battle in the temple of Tymora the group moved into the kitchen and held of to rest and finish healing. They know there are at least two evil priests somewhere in the temple and Shawn was hoping to find them without being noticed.

They went back to Ravens Bluff gathered forces reported and cleared out the temple learning which villagers were charmed and the location of the cult stronghold from a prisoner. The head priest in town was killed while the younger priest wasn’t found.


Andrew (Levels to 4, will reach 5 in 4 more sessions)
Bill (levels to 3/3, will reach 4/4 in 4 more sessions)
Erik (levels to 3/3 will reach 4/4 in 4 more sessions)
Jen (levels to 3/3, will reach 4/4 in 4 more sessions)
Matt (will level to 3/3 in 1 more session)

Found a lucky coin (luckstone) and Bracers of defense (AC5)

DM Character: Banion levels up at the end of the session as well. The magic item slection was too low to warrant one at this point, but in the event something more desirable isn’t found he’ll likely go with the luckstone since he wears armor already. He also sold his scroll of stone to flesh (1,350 GP) so he could afford spells in his spellbooks.

Adventure 7: Into the Swamp Hole
The Naga Awaits

With the information that the cult is being lead by a naga in the swamp the group followed their trail and found the entrance to the lair. Pulling back they decided to prepare themselves (acquire more spells and such) before entering the Cult’s central lair.

Returning to the Naga lair Shawn scouted invisible and returned without finding much beyond a set of 4 guards at the entrance. The party put the guards to sleep and trapped them in a bunk with the other sleeping guards via wizard lock until they had dealt with the Naga. Searching the first level they found there was another level below where they found a huge hatchery of mid vipers and troglodytes. They were hit by a fireball from the naga, but then Hoff was able to catch her by surprise as she chased the others.

They freed the remaining prisoners, fought an evil priest not being mind controlled who had a wight and a grave guardian then collected the treasure and flooded the dungeon on their way out.

Afterwards they returned to Raven’s Bluff to do a pig-morph over the winter and charge up their magic items before setting out the next spring.



Many magic items were found and even more were wished up during pig-morph.
Among the found items were a ring of water elemental command, a ring of air elemental command, a robe of the archmagi, and a libram of silver magic. They used 4 charges from the staff of curing, but gained the ability to recharge it.

Adventure 8: Shifting Tides
Wishes and worries

Using an ancient dwarven device called a Glowstone the characters were able to flood themselves with wishes to increase their abilities and gain a variety of substantial magic items. After spending the winter making the preparations and doing all the necessary and somewhat gruesome work of polymorphing, possessing, and extracting the life force from three score of swine the group had their collection of nifty powers and devices and with spring approaching was making ready to set out for adventure again.

There were rumors of Snake Cult activities in Portsoy, so the team investigated a haunted house that was considered suspicious and found a smuggling operation (not illegal goods, just stolen). They captured the smuggler’s ship and found they were working with Troglodytes based on an unnamed island.

They decided to make a road between Sarbreenar and Portsoy by tunneling through the mountain. About a third of the way through they ran into a community of 287 Duergar, ony 28 of which were non-combatants. Hana (Matt) used a wish to keep their presence unknown and then the party executed an ambush killing all the Duergar and their 260 slaves.
200 Footman’s Pick
160 Warhammer
120 Spear
120 Light Crossbow
200 Chain Mail (Dwarf Size)
60 Plate Mail (Dwarf Size)
260 Medium Shield
60 Short Sword
26 heavy carts

While the Duergar Community didn’t have a great dal of ore, it having been sold or traded it was in the center of a mining complex with 5 active shafts.
1) Iron (2,000 lb per man week) – 132
2) Tin (1,200 lb per man week) – 21
3) Platnum (25 lb per man week) – 75
4) Silver (100 lb per man week) – 89
5) Gold (500 lb per man week) – 36

The population of 287 Duergar and 260 slaves had sufficient fungi gardens to support the population and water gathered in pool dripping steadily enough from the ceiling to provide ample water for usage. Ventilation is relatively poor and the thick layer of soot at the top of the cavern along with burnt bones in the fire pits suggested they burned their dead and other refuse.


Andrew (levels Session 10)
Bill (Levels Session 11)
Diego (leveled up at the end of session, levels again at session 12)
Erik (Levels Session 10)
Matt (Leveled Wizard this session, Thief levels at 11, Wizard Levels at 13)

Leather Armor+3
Pick of Earth Parting
Folding Boat
Wand of Magic Missiles
Zagig’s Spell Component Case (7)
Periapt of Proof vs Poison
unidentified magic stone
8 unidentified potions
Scroll (Invisibility to undead, Negative plane protection, and Portent @ 6th)
unidentified magic dust
13 Books (150 GP ea general studies, navigation, poetry)
4 Books (500 GP ea magic research manuals)

DM character note: I would take the Pick of Earth Parting and Zagig’s Spell Component Case as well as a potion and/or dust since the scroll is Cleric, with the additional items I would add the Folding Boat.

Additional Treasure revealed by a more thorough search (Concealed in molded stone-no secret door, need to mine or use stone shape – using the pick or rock to mud destroys the treasure):
5,000 PP
57,000 GP
3 gems @ 5,000
5 gems @ 1,000
10 gems @ 500
20 gems @ 100
6 gems @ 50
7 gems @ 10
Set of silver and garnet Arm Bands @ 1,500 (750 each)
Gold and Ruby Medal @ 6,000
Gold and Diamond Arm Band @ 8,000
Set of 4 platnum and zircon Goblets @ 8,000 (2,000 each)
Platnum Locket @ 300
Pair of gold and pearl Earrings @ 900 (450 each)
Set of 11 Gold Chalice @ 1,100 (100 GP each)
Silver and Garnet Choker @ 1,600
Gold and Diamond Locket @ 5,400
Gold Coronet w/ garnet, zircon, and amber settings @ 8,000
Platinum coffer w/ sapphire @ 5,700
Platnum Medallion w/3 garnets @ 2,000
Gold Decanter w/garnets @ 1,100
2 additional potions
Crossbow of Distance (Light)
Chainmail+2 (Dwarf Size)
Wings of Flying
Scroll (Protection from Petrification)

Adventure 9: Blazing Paths
They dug too deep . . .

The team was left in the aftermath of the slaughtered Duergar Village with no outside guidance to dictate their choices. There were discussions about the best ways to deal with the security of the cavern, disposal of the bodies, and transport of the captured treasures.

The session picks up with the characters still in the tunnels under the mountain . . . The party went back to Ravens Bluff and headed out to the Isle of Dread. They defeated 3 dragons (young black, young green, and young red). They defeated the head of the cult of the serpent gods and returned to Ravens Bluff again.



Treasure split:
23,628 GP in gems
10,884 GP in art
24,925 GP
835 PP
1167 EP
2950 SP
4,000 CP

Magic items found:
Footman’s Mace+2
Dagger+2/3 vs Large
Bone handled Footman’s Mace+2
Bracers AC 7
Boots Varied Tracks
Human Field Plate+2
Long sword+2 (INT-13, N, Charm Person 1/day)
16 Arrows+2
Scrolls and potions (21 various including from Portsoy)

Other Items:
Dragonhide (Black, Green, Red, all young)
Crocodile hides

DM character would take Field Plate+2 and 6 arrows+2 only

Advanture 10: King of the Mountain
The Crowned King of The Earthspur Mountians

Characters returned to Ravens Bluff flush with cash and new items as well as stories of battling dragons and destroying the Snake Cult. In the safety of their home city they reveled in their recognition and accolades for the daring dos of the previous adventures. Selling off valuables and dividing treasure was taken care of and then some people set about securing their hirelings, visiting family, and relaxing or making bigger plans (maybe getting drunk and flirting with other species or looking for random critters to use a wand of wonder on).

Hana is contacted by a fellow elven adventurer looking to explore the ruins of The Crowned King, a set of ruins in the Earthspur Mountains, not far from the Moaning Gorge, near the headwaters of The Fire River. He has a ship and crew, but his last adventuring party died on a previous outing and he though that with their recent success Hana and his companions might be looking for a new challenge.

The party went up to the mountains and began exploring the ruins encountering armored trolls, Minotaur, and a rust monster.


Andrew (Leveled at end of session, levels again after session 15)
Bill (Levels at end of session 14)
Diego (Levels at end of session 12)
Elizabeth (Levels at the end of session 14)
Erik (Leveled at end of this session, levels after session 15)
Gary (Levels at the end of session 12)
Matt (Levels at the end 14 and 15)

5 Fire Opals (5,000 gems)
2 Ring of Fire Resistence (Bill and Andrew each have 1)
Velvet lined wood box
2,820 GP
290 EP
692 SP
3306 CP
2 unidentified magic shields
unidentified magic human size splint mail
2 rings worth 750 GP each
unidentified magic sword
unidentified magic trident
unidentified magic spear
unidentified magic dwarf size chain mail

Current Monetary Share: 4,223 GP, 8 SP, 9 CP
Magic item count: 9/7


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