Wagons and Carts


A draft animal attached to a wagon or cart moves at 1/2 speed, but can haul 4 times as much.

8 GP
Carries 300 lb

Light Cart
15 GP
Carries 400 lb

Heavy Cart
30 GP
Carries 2,000 lb

Light Wagon
35 GP
Carries 2,000 lb

Medium Wagon
45 GP
Carries 4,000 lb

Heavy Wagon
55 GP
Carries 6,000 lb

Conestoga Wagon
80 GP
Carries 8,000 lb
Can be used as a raft also but wheels may be damaged if not removed.

150 GP
Carries 3,000 lb
Seats 4 inside and 2 out front

Ornamented Coach
7,000 GP
Like a normal carriage but with fine woods, precious metals, and lantern hooks.



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