(PC) Tell the Bard

Half-Elven Bard




Common (Calant Dialect)
Espruar (Elven)
Seldruin (Dead Language of Elven High Magic)
Faerie (Sylvan)
Trade Tongue (Kara-Tur)
Alzhedo (Calimshan)
Midani (Zakhara)


Born in 1338 DR (The Year of the Wanderer) in Shadowdale in the Dalelands. At 13, he and his mother moved to Saerloon.

He started his travels at the age of 16 as a crewmember on board the Osprey under Captain “Raider” McAllister, setting out from Saerloon in Sembia and bound for its home port of Raven’s Bluff.

He spent five years traveling the world on ships and in assorted merchant and mercenary companies before returning to Raven’s Bluff. His travels took him to exotic lands like Kara-Tur, Calimsham, and Zakhara, with occasional stops at Waterdeep.

He spent the last year or two frequenting the Screaming Mime between adventures and was an early convert to Tyche by the priest Gabriel Striker. Fascinated by the luck and success of Tymora’s band of misfit followers, Tell signed on with the group and boarded his father’s ship when he heard they were making an expedition up the Fire River to explore some ruins.

He has a ship’s wheel tattoo over his heart, which closely resembles and incorporates Tyche’s wheel of fortune symbol.


(PC) Tell the Bard

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