(PC) Banion

Elven Fighter/Mage


The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

Actual Name: Beinion Istuion Máfortion Aelorothi
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Elf (6 ft tall, 170 lb, Copper Hair, Green Eyes)
Class: Fighter/Mage
Level: 3/3
No. of Adventures: 6
Next Level at 10 adventures

Strength: 18 (100)/20
Melee Hit: 3
Damage: 6/8

Dexterity: 19
Missile Hit: 3
Defense: 4

Constitution: 10
Hit Points: 0

Intelligence: 18
Languages: 7 (Common, Elven, Giant, Dragon, Celestial, Sylvan, Auran)

Wisdom: 10


THAC0: 18
AC: 6/3 shield only/0 chain only/-1 with shield and chain
Invisible Mail Spell (3 hp) AC -1/-2 with shield
HP: 21
Move: 12

Race/Class Abilities:
Specialized in Blades (Hit+1, Dam+2, 3/2 rounds)
Hit+1 with Longsword, Shortsword, and all bows
Infravision 60 ft
90% resistanct to sleep and charm
Detect concealed door 1 in 6 within 10 ft (1/2 Int on d20)
Locate concealed doors 3 in 6 (add 2 on d20)
locate secret doors 2 in 6 (add 2 on d20)
Surprise roll+4 if not in metal and with elves/halflings only (7 in 10)

Mana: 7
Spells: 9 max per level
1st: Read Magic, Cantrip, Magic Missile, Color Spray, Spider Climb, Sleep, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Unseen Servant
Mount (100 GP), Armor (100 GP), Hunter’s Call (200 GP), Identify (100 GP), Precipitation (200 GP), Color (200 GP), Mending (100 GP), Wizard Mark (100 GP), Metamorphosis Liquids (200 GP)

2nd: Detect Invisibility, Knock, Web, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Deeppockets, ESP, Vocalize (400 GP)
Continual Light (200 GP), Wizard Lock (200 GP), Speak with Dead (400 GP)

3rd: Tongues, Item, Wraithform, Haste, Fly, Fireball, Dispel Magic, Invisible Mail (600 GP), Find Traps (600 GP)
Explosive Runes (300 GP)

212 GP
7 SP
8 cp

Starting Spellbook: contains 18 × 1st, 12 × 2nd (8 Levels of space remaining)
Second Spellbook contains 9 × 3rd (21 Levels of space remaining)

Exceptional (hit) Longbow Strength (18/100) Hit+8, Damage Arrow+6, AT 2/1, Range Arrow
12 Exceptional (damage) Sheaf Arrow Damage 1d8+7/1d8+7 Range 5/10/17
24 Flight Arrow (found) Damage 1d6+6/1d6+6 Range 7/14/21
He can make a bow to the 20 STR of the Girdle, but made this bow before finding it.

Long Sword+1 (NA) Hit+6, Damage 1d8+11/1d12+11, AT 3/2

Short Sword+1 Luckblade (1 w) Hit+6 Damage 1d6+11/1d8+11, AT 3/2

Spear (8 sp) Hit melee+3/ranged+6 , Damage 1d6+8/1d8+8, Rng 1/2/3

Sling (5 cp)
15 Sling Bullets (15 cp) Hit+6, Damage 1d4+9/1d6+9, AT: 1/1, Rng 5/10/20
15 Silver Sling Bullets (15 sp) Hit+6, Damage 1d4+9/1d6+9, AT: 1/1, Rng 5/10/20
Sling stones (free) Hit+6, Damage 1d4+8/1d4+8, AT: 1/1, Rng 4/8/16

4 Dagger (8 GP) Hit melee+4/ranged+7, Damage 1d4+10/1d3+11, AT: 3/2 melee, 3/1 thrown, Rng 1/2/3

Silver Dagger (20 GP) Hit melee+4/ranged+7, Damage 1d4+10/1d3+10, AT: 3/2 melee, 3/1 thrown, Rng 1/2/3

Handaxe (1 GP) Hit melee+3/range+6, Damage 1d6+8/1d4+8, AT: 1/1, Rng 1/2/3

Elven Chain Mail+1 (NA) AC 4
Full Helm (30 gp)
Medium Shield (7 GP) -1 to AC
Girdle Stone Giant Strength
Buckler (1 GP) no effect, worn on sword arm as bracer

Soft Boots (1 GP), Riding Boots (3 GP), Deeppockets Robe/Surcoat (50 GP), Girdle (3 GP), Gloves (1 GP), Cloak/Cape (8 sp), Scabbard (4 GP)

Backpack (2 GP), Grapple Hook (8 sp), 10 Piton (3 sp), 50 ft Hemp Rope (1 gp), Winter Blanket (5 sp), 2 Wineskin (1 GP 6 sp), Flint and Steel (5 sp), Vial of ink (8 gp), 6 sheets parchment (6 gp), Scrollcase (8 sp), Bucket (5 SP), 5 large sacks (1 GP), Iron Pot (5 sp), 10 lb Soap (5 sp ea), Fishing net (4 GP), Glass bottle (10 GP), 2 lb herbs (1 sp), 8 Small Barrel (2 GP ea), Inexpensive Lyre (5 GP), Pennant Flag (6 sp), Shovel (4 GP), Wagon – Shepherd’s Hut (80 GP), Stove (60 GP), Cauldron (10 GP), 4 Saddle Blanket (2 GP), 2 Wagon Wheel (10 GP), Double Feather Mattress (22 GP), 2 Feather Pillows (8 GP), Down Comforter (7 GP), Silk Sheet (8 GP), Large Sponge (1 GP), Cotton Towel (1 GP), 2 Brass mugs (8 cp ea) Fur from Charger Quality Light Horse (7 GP 5 SP).



Banion gave up the horse for a Shepherd’s Hut (a larger Gypsy Caravan). Using Mount for 2 charger light horses (or more as necessary) it can travel at 18 (21 at force march) for 42 miles per day over plains and up to 84 on cleared land and roads but dropping to 21 miles per day in hills, light forest, badlands, and rocky desert terrain or 11 miles per day in low mountains while it can’t cross jungle, thick forest, marsh, or steep mountain unless there’s an existing trail. The Shepherd’s hut has driver boxes underneath both sides and the rear and Banion mounts 4 barrels and a spare wagon wheel on each side. The doors, shutters, and cabinets including the one for the bed are secured with Wizard Lock (2nd level) and there are five hatches (one internal and four external – corners) that can be opened to reveal continual light (Banion rarely uses the light except to read unless he wants to attract attention). His spear has a bracket right front corner so he can fly his banner while traveling. The stove is small, but he keeps a ten gallon cauldron in the driver box under the left side. There are storage cabinets under the bed and both under and over the benches on the sides, all of these are wizard locked as well.

If traveling with the player party I might suggest each wizard cast Mount twice (from book works fine) then the wizards can rest to recover their spell points while one of the clerics acts as the teamster and the human and the other dwarf ride shotgun, the teamster sits on the step in the middle so there is room on both sides. (A team of 6 light horses can pull up to 3.6 tons in addition to the wagon at full speed, over 4 tons if using the charger quality horses).

Using Mount require read magic, so making 2 mounts requires 3 mana points as well as 3 rolls (d20+6 vs target number of 11).

Liquid consumables to acquire: Fruit Juice, Cider, Yogurt, Honey, Syrup, Soup, Broth, Puree, Consomme, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Eggs, Wine, Beer, Ale, Mead, Pudding, Cream, Oil, Herbal Extract/Essential Oil, Milk, Mercury, Jam, Preserves, Ink, Mustard, Ketchup, Vinegar, Molasses, Marmalade, sap, pitch, glue, solvent, alcohol, gelatin, batter, butter sauce, gravy, paste, plaster, mortar, paint, dye, ammonia, rum, brandy, spirits, nectar, Greek Fire.

Gave horse with tack, Mule with tack, chainmail, Shield, cloaks and longsword to a beginning adventurer in the family.


Beinion is a sun elf adventurer who grew up in Raven’s Bluff among a diverse and accepting population leaving him without the prejudices common to other sun elves. Beinion follows Tyche (meaning he also follows her current incarnation as Tymora) and pays homage to a number of other powers including all the elven pantheon and gods of magic (Including Mystra in her original form) and the triad of lawful good (he continues to pay homage to Tyr, Tyche, and Mystra even though it is widely accepted they died). He typically wears red cross on a white field and fights with sword and shield wearing elven chain.

The wish list has many items I may not purchase and some I would be tempted to have him make rather than buy, but it is a good reminder of what I want and some of the associated rules.

Year of the Bright Sun
Banion was born during the year of the bright sun with the comet K’Thoutek visible in the sky. With the comet considered a sign that a powerful entity would be born Banion’s mother hoped he would become a great hero.

Year of the Lion
At the age of a hundred years even though his training wasn’t completed Banion was allowed to join the mercenary company known as the Moonlight Men. The year he joined they were contracted by Sembia to assist in fighting the Cult of the Dragon in the Battle of the River Rising at Featherdale.

Year of the Boot
The Moonlight Men were contracted to defend Silverymoon from the Nethertide orc horde. While the company killed four thousand orcs they lost all but six of their members and were ended as a mercenary company.

Year of Moonfall
Banion had returned to training when a mass elven retreat from the lands of men was declared. He and his family remained and he went back to work as a mercenary joining the Silver Blades company.

Year of the Bright Blade
The Silver Blades were contracted to defend Hulburgin on the Moonsea from Zhentish and Orc armies invading. The defending forces were defeated and scattered and the town destroyed. The remaining members of the Silver Blades regrouped and bolstered their forces.

Year of the Spur
The Silver Blades were contracted to help defend Damara from the invading Witch-King Zhengyi and an army of goblins, orcs, giants, and undead. Many battles would ensue over the next nine years.

Year of the Prince
After years of fighting the Damaran forces were tricked into an ambush and King Virdin assassinated at the battle of Goliad. only eighteen of the Silver Blades survived the slaughter and the company was abandoned. Banion returned to Raven’s Bluff and completing his magic training decided to become an adventurer instead of a warrior.

Year of the Shadows
The time of troubles struck making magic unreliable, but the Fellowship of Cornuti set out in search of adventure, fame, and fortune. Following a rumor of a lost hill giant hoard on the windswept Bloodhawk Plateau they began a search with little direction to go on and soon ran afoul of bad luck and a lack of planning. Banion eventually returned with two of the five others he had set out with and those two announced they were quitting the adventuring life.

Year of the Serpent
Magic returned to the realms as the gods seemed to have settled their affairs and Banion set out with the Company of the Masked Bear (the seventh adventuring party to use the name). They set out for Elvenblood pass to slay bandits and return with what they had taken from travelers and merchants over the years. Discord among members aided the orcs in defeating the party and Banion returned to Raven’s Bluff again, this time with only one surviving party member. Like the others she decided to take a rest from adventuring.

Year of the Turret
Still wanting adventure after his poor start Banion joined the Devastators, if the name wasn’t warning enough he soon learned the entire party was evil. They were seeking the Keep of Shadows where it was said Macion the Mad met his end. They managed to find his staff on the ground level, but never proceeded to the basement as fighting over the staff escalated until the party was all killed by internal conflict, the last two members falling into a pit trap still trying to wrest the staff from each other. Banion again returned and learned he was gaining a reputation as a jinx among the adventuring community. This is the year the group is on currently 1360 DR

Year of the Maidens
Banion plans to make another expedition, but this time is recruiting the survivors of his old parties and a couple priests from the church of Tymora he is confident aren’t evil. If his finances hold out he also hopes to retain some hirelings to make the travel easier.

(PC) Banion

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