Raven's Bluff

Adventure 8: Shifting Tides

Wishes and worries

Using an ancient dwarven device called a Glowstone the characters were able to flood themselves with wishes to increase their abilities and gain a variety of substantial magic items. After spending the winter making the preparations and doing all the necessary and somewhat gruesome work of polymorphing, possessing, and extracting the life force from three score of swine the group had their collection of nifty powers and devices and with spring approaching was making ready to set out for adventure again.

There were rumors of Snake Cult activities in Portsoy, so the team investigated a haunted house that was considered suspicious and found a smuggling operation (not illegal goods, just stolen). They captured the smuggler’s ship and found they were working with Troglodytes based on an unnamed island.

They decided to make a road between Sarbreenar and Portsoy by tunneling through the mountain. About a third of the way through they ran into a community of 287 Duergar, ony 28 of which were non-combatants. Hana (Matt) used a wish to keep their presence unknown and then the party executed an ambush killing all the Duergar and their 260 slaves.
200 Footman’s Pick
160 Warhammer
120 Spear
120 Light Crossbow
200 Chain Mail (Dwarf Size)
60 Plate Mail (Dwarf Size)
260 Medium Shield
60 Short Sword
26 heavy carts

While the Duergar Community didn’t have a great dal of ore, it having been sold or traded it was in the center of a mining complex with 5 active shafts.
1) Iron (2,000 lb per man week) – 132
2) Tin (1,200 lb per man week) – 21
3) Platnum (25 lb per man week) – 75
4) Silver (100 lb per man week) – 89
5) Gold (500 lb per man week) – 36

The population of 287 Duergar and 260 slaves had sufficient fungi gardens to support the population and water gathered in pool dripping steadily enough from the ceiling to provide ample water for usage. Ventilation is relatively poor and the thick layer of soot at the top of the cavern along with burnt bones in the fire pits suggested they burned their dead and other refuse.


Andrew (levels Session 10)
Bill (Levels Session 11)
Diego (leveled up at the end of session, levels again at session 12)
Erik (Levels Session 10)
Matt (Leveled Wizard this session, Thief levels at 11, Wizard Levels at 13)

Leather Armor+3
Pick of Earth Parting
Folding Boat
Wand of Magic Missiles
Zagig’s Spell Component Case (7)
Periapt of Proof vs Poison
unidentified magic stone
8 unidentified potions
Scroll (Invisibility to undead, Negative plane protection, and Portent @ 6th)
unidentified magic dust
13 Books (150 GP ea general studies, navigation, poetry)
4 Books (500 GP ea magic research manuals)

DM character note: I would take the Pick of Earth Parting and Zagig’s Spell Component Case as well as a potion and/or dust since the scroll is Cleric, with the additional items I would add the Folding Boat.

Additional Treasure revealed by a more thorough search (Concealed in molded stone-no secret door, need to mine or use stone shape – using the pick or rock to mud destroys the treasure):
5,000 PP
57,000 GP
3 gems @ 5,000
5 gems @ 1,000
10 gems @ 500
20 gems @ 100
6 gems @ 50
7 gems @ 10
Set of silver and garnet Arm Bands @ 1,500 (750 each)
Gold and Ruby Medal @ 6,000
Gold and Diamond Arm Band @ 8,000
Set of 4 platnum and zircon Goblets @ 8,000 (2,000 each)
Platnum Locket @ 300
Pair of gold and pearl Earrings @ 900 (450 each)
Set of 11 Gold Chalice @ 1,100 (100 GP each)
Silver and Garnet Choker @ 1,600
Gold and Diamond Locket @ 5,400
Gold Coronet w/ garnet, zircon, and amber settings @ 8,000
Platinum coffer w/ sapphire @ 5,700
Platnum Medallion w/3 garnets @ 2,000
Gold Decanter w/garnets @ 1,100
2 additional potions
Crossbow of Distance (Light)
Chainmail+2 (Dwarf Size)
Wings of Flying
Scroll (Protection from Petrification)



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