Raven's Bluff

Adventure 7: Into the Swamp Hole

The Naga Awaits

With the information that the cult is being lead by a naga in the swamp the group followed their trail and found the entrance to the lair. Pulling back they decided to prepare themselves (acquire more spells and such) before entering the Cult’s central lair.

Returning to the Naga lair Shawn scouted invisible and returned without finding much beyond a set of 4 guards at the entrance. The party put the guards to sleep and trapped them in a bunk with the other sleeping guards via wizard lock until they had dealt with the Naga. Searching the first level they found there was another level below where they found a huge hatchery of mid vipers and troglodytes. They were hit by a fireball from the naga, but then Hoff was able to catch her by surprise as she chased the others.

They freed the remaining prisoners, fought an evil priest not being mind controlled who had a wight and a grave guardian then collected the treasure and flooded the dungeon on their way out.

Afterwards they returned to Raven’s Bluff to do a pig-morph over the winter and charge up their magic items before setting out the next spring.



Many magic items were found and even more were wished up during pig-morph.
Among the found items were a ring of water elemental command, a ring of air elemental command, a robe of the archmagi, and a libram of silver magic. They used 4 charges from the staff of curing, but gained the ability to recharge it.



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