Raven's Bluff

Adventure 12: Clearing the Field

Still clearing the level

The characters have continued trying to clear the current level of the dungeon. After clearing the orc, rust monster, and cyclopskin areas the characters have started back towards the entrance suspecting there is something that can petrify in the area.

Characters found some hobgoblins and fought more enhanced trolls. took apart a gold statue and left the dungeon returning over a month later.


Andrew (Levels at end of session 15)
Bill (Levels at end of session 14)
Diego leveled up (Levels at end of session 17)
Erik (Levels at end of session 15)
Gary leveled up (Levels at the end of session 18)
Matt (Levels at the end of 14 and 15)

Party split the money from this and the previous 2 sessions for a lump total;
41,135 GP
290 EP
693 SP
3,312 CP
Magic items were pound previously



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