Raven's Bluff

Adventure 11: Deep in the Dungeon

A Delver's Life

The party made it into the central tower ruins and began exploring. The first few days found them fighting trolls and minotaurs as well as a rust monster and some sort of wizard. The party has stopped to rest and recuperate getting ready to explore the rest of the first level . . .

During the rest period Ben will use sending to contact the Captain and have the ship sail back to Aelorothi (the group has been gone a week at this point and won’t be back for a while).


Andrew (Levels at end of session 15)
Bill (Levels at end of session 14)
Diego (Levels at end of session 12)
Erik (Levels at end of session 15)
Gary (Levels at the end of session 12)
Matt (Levels at the end of 14 and 15)

27,600 CP
7,800 SP
43 GP
1,000 PP
1 Gem @ 1,000 GP
3 Gem @ 500 GP
21 Gem @ 100 GP
2 Gem @ 50 GP
2 Gem @ 10 GP
Magic Boots
Magic Cloaks
Magic Longsword (glows)
Magic Longsword (Bigby made for Prince Elibriel)
Scroll (Confusion, Telekinesis, Globe of Invulnerability)

Monetary Split would be: 1,803 GP 1 SP 6 CP



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