Raven's Bluff

Advanture 10: King of the Mountain

The Crowned King of The Earthspur Mountians

Characters returned to Ravens Bluff flush with cash and new items as well as stories of battling dragons and destroying the Snake Cult. In the safety of their home city they reveled in their recognition and accolades for the daring dos of the previous adventures. Selling off valuables and dividing treasure was taken care of and then some people set about securing their hirelings, visiting family, and relaxing or making bigger plans (maybe getting drunk and flirting with other species or looking for random critters to use a wand of wonder on).

Hana is contacted by a fellow elven adventurer looking to explore the ruins of The Crowned King, a set of ruins in the Earthspur Mountains, not far from the Moaning Gorge, near the headwaters of The Fire River. He has a ship and crew, but his last adventuring party died on a previous outing and he though that with their recent success Hana and his companions might be looking for a new challenge.

The party went up to the mountains and began exploring the ruins encountering armored trolls, Minotaur, and a rust monster.


Andrew (Leveled at end of session, levels again after session 15)
Bill (Levels at end of session 14)
Diego (Levels at end of session 12)
Elizabeth (Levels at the end of session 14)
Erik (Leveled at end of this session, levels after session 15)
Gary (Levels at the end of session 12)
Matt (Levels at the end 14 and 15)

5 Fire Opals (5,000 gems)
2 Ring of Fire Resistence (Bill and Andrew each have 1)
Velvet lined wood box
2,820 GP
290 EP
692 SP
3306 CP
2 unidentified magic shields
unidentified magic human size splint mail
2 rings worth 750 GP each
unidentified magic sword
unidentified magic trident
unidentified magic spear
unidentified magic dwarf size chain mail

Current Monetary Share: 4,223 GP, 8 SP, 9 CP
Magic item count: 9/7



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